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Sajid Kabir Saji is a young Entrepreneur , Author and Artist . He is the founder of "Ekarigori" and "Somewhere In Earth". Ekarigori is a digital service providing agency which also aims to facilitate and educate the youth with the power of technology and problem solving to improve their lives."Somewhere in Earth" is a non-profit youth organization where a group of change-makers campaigning to raise social awareness about local and global issues.
His work across multiple disciplines broadly addresses narratives of human experience. He is 24 years old and studying Aeronautical Engineering. Started his career as a freelance web designer back in 2013 and diversified his interest in different sectors along the way including digital marketing, cryptocurrency and blockchain development, content creation, web development, and arbitrage strategies. He is the author of the book "Cyrptocurrency and blockchain explained: Everything you need to know about crypto & Blockchain" . As a musical artist, he released multiple Albums & EP's worldwide which are available on music platforms like Spotify, Itunes etc.

“The best don’t come from ‘good vs bad’ but ‘Good Vs Good’ “

Leo tolstoy


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