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হোম » Thoughts » A Crystal Ball Glimpse: 12 Wild Predictions for the Next Decade

A Crystal Ball Glimpse: 12 Wild Predictions for the Next Decade

Here are my 12 predictions for the next decade, cooked up for a bit of fun and rooted in my own wild speculations. From underdog sports victories to AI breakthroughs and adventures in space, these predictions might just tickle your funny bone or spark some deep thoughts. After all, life’s unpredictable twists and turns can sometimes be the most amusing part of the journey!

12 wild predictions
  1. Bangladesh & Japan’s World Cup Victories: Bangladesh will win the cricket World Cup, and Japan will win the football World Cup in this decade. Bangladesh’s women’s football team might also win the women’s football World Cup.
  2. Middle East’s Transformation & New Superpowers: The Middle East will emerge as the new Europe of the world, while countries like China, India, and Brazil rise as superpowers, reshaping global politics and ushering in a multipolar world order.
  3. Petrodollar’s Fall & Decentralized Finance: The rise of BRICS, the New Development Bank, and the Middle East will challenge the USA’s hegemony and the petrodollar system. AI and blockchain technology will catalyze a more secure, decentralized, or semi-centralized financial system.
  4. The arrival of AGI, AI Ethics & UBI: A low-level AGI will emerge within this decade, raising complex ethical questions surrounding AI’s use, regulation, and potential impacts on human dignity and autonomy. With increasing automation, the possibility of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) might become more likely by the end of the decade.
  5. AI Revolution in Education & Healthcare: AI tutors and health assistants will transform education and healthcare, while advances in genomics enable personalized medicine and disease prevention.
  6. Space Exploration & Dark Matter Discoveries: Groundbreaking progress in space exploration, Mars missions, permanent lunar bases, and significant discoveries in dark matter research will occur.
  7. Energy Transition, Abundance & Circular Economy: A massive shift towards renewable energy sources and the potential arrival of nuclear fusion will pave the way for clean energy abundance. Simultaneously, the world will transition to a circular economy, reusing resources and minimizing waste.
  8. Green Skyscrapers, High-Speed Travel & Ocean Exploration: Vertical farming and high-speed transportation systems will transform urban landscapes, while humankind turns to the ocean’s depths for solutions to global challenges, such as renewable energy and sustainable seafood production.
  9. Renaissance in Arts, Creativity & Empathy: Rapid global transformation will lead to a new era of artistic expression and innovation. Society will embrace empathy and compassion as core values, driven by increased global connectivity and exposure to diverse perspectives.
  10. Quantum Computing & Advanced Biotechnology: Quantum computing will mature, solving previously intractable problems, while biotechnology advancements in gene editing, synthetic biology, and biofabrication will have profound implications for healthcare, agriculture, and the environment.
  11. VR, AR, & the End of Privacy: VR and AR technologies will redefine daily life, while big data, AI, and surveillance technologies challenge the concept of privacy, raising ethical questions about data ownership, consent, and the balance between security and individual rights.
  12. The Great Devastation: If the U.S. clings to its hegemony and resists the shift to a multipolar world, the risk of a global conflict like World War III might loom large. With the U.S. being the only country to have ever used a nuclear bomb, we can’t be sure which side the devastation will come from. This catastrophic scenario could bring unprecedented destruction, rendering all our previous optimistic predictions obsolete as the world grapples with the aftermath and struggles to rebuild from the ashes. The idea that the powers-that-be might gamble with humanity’s future for their own interests is a sobering thought.
হোম » Thoughts » A Crystal Ball Glimpse: 12 Wild Predictions for the Next Decade

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